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Casino Payment Methods in Canada

Explore secure and convenient casino payment methods in Canada. From credit cards to e-wallets, our options ensure safe and fast transactions. Choose the deposit that suits you best and enjoy hassle-free gaming. Ready to play? Select your preferred payment option from the list below.

Online Casinos with the Best Payment Options

Payment methods
Min deposit
Payout speed
Overall experience
Up to 72h
+19, T&C´s apply, Play responsibly
Up to 24h
+19, T&C´s apply, Play responsibly
Up to 1h
+19, T&C´s apply, Play responsibly
Up to 48h
+19, T&C´s apply, Play responsibly

Banking Options for Canadian Players

Payment Methods Canada

No matter which online casinos you prefer to play on, you will always need some reliable payment methods to choose from. These days, most online casinos offer a wide range of different options, where you will be able to choose between bank transfers and credit card, e-wallets, and prepaid cards, and as well as other options.

However, it is also important to note that not all casino payment methods will be available to Canadian players, as the availability of a payment method will depend on where you are playing from. Below, we have listed all the different payment methods you will be able to find on various online casinos, however you should also know that this does not mean you will always find all the options in each casino.

Credit and Debit Cards

  • VISA – Known as a safe, convenient, and trusted payment method around the world, this is a payment method you will be seeing in most online casinos. By choosing VISA as your payment method, you will be able to make secure payments where deposits will happen instantly while withdrawals will have a handling time of up to 3 working days. In most cases, VISA payments will be completely free from fees, while this might not be the case for all online casinos.
  • MasterCard – MasterCard will be accepted at most online casinos in Canada that accept credit card and debit card payments. This is a great option for any casino player who wishes to use their debit card in order to deposit money into their casino accounts or withdraw their winnings in a secure way. While not all casinos offer the option for both deposits and withdrawals, you can find this in some casinos. Most casinos offer the options without any fees and while deposits will be instant, withdrawals could take up to 3 working days.


  • PayPal – An extremely popular payment method which quickly became the very best option once it was released years ago. You will be able to find this payment method on a number of different online casinos where the payment will be made through your PayPal account instead of directly through your credit- or debit card. PayPal will keep your card numbers safe and will be able to offer instant deposits as well as fast withdrawals complete within 48 hours.
  • Payz – Payz, formerly known as ecoPayz is a popular eWallet payment method that you will be seeing on a number of different Canadian online casinos. This payment method offers quick and secure transactions, allowing you to make both deposits and withdrawals efficiently and securely. You will create an account at Payz for free and then be able to use it to deposit funds into casinos who accept this payment method.
  • MyCitadel – A payment option launched in 2000 that has quickly become one of the leading Canadian casino payment methods. This is an instant banking option where you will be able to make instant deposits as well as withdrawals without any extra steps. You won't have to share any sensitive information involving your credit card or bank account.
  • PayNearMe – This is the perfect deposit method for you who prefers not to share any of your credit card information. By using PayNearMe, you will be depositing with cash at a local store and then be able to use it at an online casino offering this payment method to fund your account.
  • Pay by Phone – Pay by Phone is a completely unique payment method available on Canadian online casinos. By using this option, you will simply enter your mobile number to make your deposit, which will allow you to skip the step of sharing any of your private and personal credit card details. Transactions will be done in no time.

Pre-Paid Cards

  • PaysafeCard – PaysafeCard has become one of the most popular casino payment options when making payments on an online casino, thanks to the high security measures being used by the company. The company offers several different prepaid methods, and you will be using the prepaid card by entering a code when wanting to make a deposit. Seeing this is a prepaid card, there will not be an option to make a withdrawal using this method.
  • Neosurf – Neosurf is available on several online casinos in Canada and keeps getting more and more popular. Being a prepaid card, it works similarly to PaysafeCard, where you will be able to buy a prepaid voucher and then use this to make a deposit online by entering a unique voucher code. Another option is registering for free on My Neosurf and using your account there to go ahead with payments.

Bank Transfers and Instant Banking

  • iDebit – There are a number of pros when it comes to using iDebit as a payment method, such as that they offer fast, easy, and secure payments. When creating an iDebit account, it will be completely free and you will then be able to make deposits into your accounts directly from iDebit without worrying about any fees. You will be making all transactions to an online casino directly from the gaming site to your bank account.
  • Interac – Interac is an extremely well-known payment option that you will be able to find on a number of different Canadian casinos. It is very easy to use, easy to find and offers fast deposits as well as withdrawals. The payment will also have to be confirmed through their own system, which is an added security.
  • InstaDebit – By using InstaDebit you will be making use of a Canadian bank-to-bank payment option that has been growing and growing in popularity worldwide over the past years. This payment method will be available on a couple of the biggest online casinos in Canada, offering low transaction fees, highly secure payments and a fast processing time.
  • Instant EFT – Instant EFT is a great service which will allow you to connect directly to your bank account, making it possible to transfer money directly from there and to another bank. This is a payment method you will be seeing in a number of different Canadian casinos. You will easily be able to complete your deposits and withdrawals with little, to no waiting time.
  • Wire Transfer – At most online casinos you will be able to make use of wire transfers when going ahead with a payment. This is perhaps a more old-fashioned route to take, but still a good and secure way for those who have access to quick communication with their banks. You will simply have to contact your bank with the bank wire details of the casino and arrange a wire transfer.
  • eCheck – eChecks, also known as electronic checks, are nothing new as they have been around for decades. However, the high security level attached to them, is what makes them relevant still today. You will be making transactions which have lower fees than credit card payments, and still with a robust security protocol in place.

Cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular when making deposits as well as withdrawals on online casinos. This is the ultimate modern and anonymous way to make payments on an online casino and there are a number of Canadian casinos who offer this option. With instant deposits as well as fast withdrawals, there are definite pros to choosing a cryptocurrency.

Deposits and Withdrawals – How long does it take?

MethodTime to DepositTime to WithdrawFeesRequire third-party account
VISAInstantUp to 3 daysNoneNo
MasterCardInstantUp to 3 daysNoneNo
InstaDebitInstantUp to 10 days$1.95 on depositsNo
PayPalInstantUp to 2 daysNoneYes
eCheckInstantUp to 7 daysNoneNo
Instant EFTInstantUp to 3 daysNoneNo
Wire Transfer2–8 daysUp to 8 daysNoneNo
Pay by PhoneInstantN/ANoneNo
MyCitadelInstantUp to 3 days$1.50 per transactionNo

Different Types of Payments

There have never been more options than there are today when it comes to making a payment on an online casino. As a Canadian casino player you will be spoiled for choice, as there are tons of options to choose from. The main categories of payment options you will be seeing include credit- and debit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency and then of course bank or wire transfers.

Within these categories there are different options for you to choose from as you can see in our overview we created above. Of course, as with most other things in the world of online casinos, there are both pros and cons that come with each payment method, so choosing the best one for you and your preferences, would entirely depend on what is most important to you.

Credit- and debit cards are often a preferred choice, as they are easy to use, familiar and offer quick deposits. However, details can be misused if the information should be stolen or hacked. E-wallets are another popular choice thanks to their high level of security, quick deposits and withdrawals and easy access. Plenty of online casinos offer several types of e-wallets for their customers to choose from, however players should be aware that there are some strict limitations in regards to offers when depositing with some e-wallets.

Other popular options include prepaid cards, bank transfers and mobile payments. In terms of controlling your spending and safety, prepaid cards are a great choice, however they won't be available for withdrawals, and you will have to find an alternative option. Bank transfers offer equally as safe transactions, and mobile transfers are both easy and secure. In terms of cryptocurrency payments, these offer a secure and anonymous way to both deposit and withdraw funds to and from online casinos, making it another popular option.

What Payment Options Should I Use?

If you happen to have a hard time choosing which payment method is best for you, you're not the only one. Often, players who have the choice of multiple casino payment options available to them will have a hard time picking the best one for them. Luckily, we are here to help in helping you find the best casino payment methods for you.

Below, we have created a list of helpful tips on how we decide which payment methods are the best, which we hope will help you in picking the best for you. After all, the final decision will be entirely yours, but of course we are here to give some advice based on our experience.

In most cases you will see that casinos have a number of different payment methods, however not all of them will be available in Canada. In our casino reviews, we will always make sure to list what methods are indeed available to you as a Canadian casino player.

Deposit and withdrawal limitations: Consider the deposit and withdrawal restrictions when picking a payment method. Highrollers should pay attention to maximum deposit limits, while casual players should keep an eye on the minimum deposit limit. Also always check if the payment method is available for withdrawals if you prefer to use only one payment method at the casino.

Bonuses and offers: A number of casinos might have specific offers when you choose to use a certain payment method. On the other hand, some payment methods might also disqualify you from receiving some bonuses or offers. Make sure the payment method you choose is compatible with an offer you plan on activating.

Processing time and fees: An important factor for many, is the processing time it takes before receiving withdrawals. While most casino payment methods offer instant deposits, withdrawal processing times can vary from as little as a few hours, and up to 10 days. How long are you comfortable waiting? At the same time, have a look at potential fees, not only when depositing and withdrawing to the casino itself, but potential fees directly from the payment provider.

As mentioned above, the final decision when selecting a suitable payment method, is entirely yours. We do not take responsibility for your choice and only offer advice based on our own experiences.

Casino Payments: What to Check?

When it comes to going through with payments on any online casino, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. Knowing things beforehand will take away that surprise element and allow you to know exactly how the entire deposit and withdrawal process will likely look like.

  • Pending Withdrawals

In online casinos, you will often be presented with the fact that some payment methods offer instant withdrawals. However, the fact is that payments rarely are processed instantly by the casino itself. There are many casinos that will keep your withdrawal in a pending status for a little period of time while they assess the withdrawal before going ahead to approve it manually.

This of course varies between casinos and will also depend on if you have already been verified, as well as how busy they are if all withdrawals are being approved manually. In other words, you will need to keep this processing time in mind, no matter the processing time of the withdrawal method you have chosen to use, in order to get the total waiting time from you requesting the withdrawal until you have the funds in your hands again.

  • Verification

We have already mentioned verification briefly above, however this is a process that all casino players should know a little more about as it will likely affect your withdrawals at some point and might cause unexpected delays. All of the online casinos you will find that we recommend on our pages, will be regulated by serious e-gaming authorities, holding various licenses.

This means that they will also require player verification in order to provide a safe and secure online casino for their players. This is also known as KYC, which stands for “Know your customer” and will require you to verify your identity as well as residence at some point. In most cases, an online casino will request a verification when you are about to make your first withdrawal. This will then have to be complete before you will be able to go ahead with your withdrawal.

How to Make a Deposit?

When depositing funds into your casino account, you will quickly notice that this is a quick and easy process, that in most cases looks pretty similar at most online casinos. However, if you are feeling unsure or have never made a deposit to an online casino before, we have put together a guide for you going through each step below.

Of course, this is a general guide as the process could look slightly different depending on the casino you are playing on as well as the payment method you choose.

  1. Log on to the online casino and make your way to the cashier, a button often found in the top right corner.
  2. Select that you wish to make a deposit before choosing the payment method you prefer to use.
  3. Fill in the necessary details such as the amount you wish to deposit, and if you wish to activate a bonus if available.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen, which could vary depending on the payment method you have selected. Some might need a verification using your mobile phone.
  5. Confirm your payment and you will see the funds become available in your casino account, where in most cases this will happen in no time.
Did you know?
Deposits will generally always be instant – no waiting needed to start enjoying your favorite casino games!

How to Withdraw Your Winnings?

Similarly to when making a deposit at your chosen online casino, the process of making a withdrawal could look very different from casino to casino as well as which withdrawal method you have chosen to use. In order to give you an idea of what the process usually looks like, we have created a short guide below that you can easily follow.

This is just a general outline showing you what the withdrawal process might look like on an online casino, however it might vary depending on which casino you play on as well as the withdrawal method you choose to use.

  1. Log in to your casino account and head over to the cashier. Often there will be a button leading you there straight from the front page.
  2. Select withdrawal and choose the withdrawal method you want to use, where in most cases you will be asked to use the same method used for your deposit.
  3. Fill in all the information needed, such as the amount you want to withdraw, making sure you do not have any active bonuses at that moment as this will cause them to be cancelled.
  4. Follow any other instructions on the screen, which will depend entirely on the withdrawal method you have selected.
  5. If you have not verified your account yet, you might be asked to send in some documentation to verify your identity.
  6. Wait for your withdrawal to be processed and your funds will be with you according to the processing time stated.

Banking Security

When it comes to selecting an online casino of high quality, a big part of this is choosing one that is safe and secure to play on. A major role in this plays the fact that the casino is able to offer secure Canadian casino payment methods. Rest assured, on our page we will only be recommending online casinos that are safe to play on, which in other words means that the payment methods they have to offer will also be secure choices for you.

In order to take your own precautions in making sure the online casino you have chosen is in fact safe to play on, there are a number of security measures you should keep an eye out for. One of the most important ones being SSL encryption, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a software created to prevent unauthorized third parties from gaining access to your personal and private details. This is the same encryption being used by banks, digital companies and stores worldwide and the most trusted technology in order to protect customer details from payments.

When playing at the best online casinos, you will see that they have an extensive privacy policy for transparency but will also make sure their site adheres to legal gambling laws. In addition to verifying your identity as well as your age, a privacy policy will also protect your personal details when going ahead with deposits as well as withdrawals. Several of the best casino payment methods will also offer a two-factor authentication in order to truly protect the players details and avoid any misuse.

Casino Payments FAQ

How do I deposit money in an online casino?

You will quickly see that most online casinos in Canada will have a number of different deposit methods available for you to choose from. Some of these methods will only be possible to use for deposits, so you will have to find an alternative withdrawal method. Once you have found the deposit method you wish to use depending on your personal preference, you can easily follow the steps at the casino guiding you through the process.

Which payment provider is safe?

When it comes to selecting a payment method to use on your favourite online casino, you can rest your mind knowing that any listed payment method on our page will be one we recommend and trust. In addition, we only recommend licensed casinos, which again will only have safe and secure payment methods for you to choose from.

Can I pay with bitcoin at an online casino?

There are more and more online casinos who offer their players the opportunity to deposit and withdraw using various cryptocurrencies.

What is the fastest payment method?

In most cases you will see that e-wallets offer the fastest payments on online casinos.

Do I need a credit card to play in an online casino?

There is no need to own or have a credit card available in order to play at an online casino. You can easily make use of a number of other casino payment methods including debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets or even bank transfers.

What do I do if there is a problem when I deposit?

Should you ever run into any issues, either when making a deposit or during any other time on an online casino, customer support will be available. At most online casinos you will see that customer service is indeed available 24/7, often through a live chat function or by phone.

Why are not all payment methods available in my location?

Every online casino with a valid license has to comply with the rules and regulations that come with each territory. This is why your location will make a difference on the online casino payment methods that are made available to you. Once you have signed up and logged in to your account, you will be able to see the complete list of payment methods you can use.

Can I get a bonus with every payment method?

Just like the rules vary from casino to casino, rules will also vary between bonus offers. There are however a number of casinos with the same general rule, where you will not be able to receive a welcome bonus when using an e-wallet to make your first deposit. Other than that, you will have to make sure to read the terms and conditions of each bonus offer before accepting it.

Are there any limits on deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, on all online casinos you will see that there are various limits on all of their payment methods that are available. Each casino will have an overview ready for you where you will see all available payment methods together with the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits.

Are there any fees on casino payments?

In most online casinos, you will see that deposits and withdrawals in most cases have no fees or charges at all from the casino. You should however always check with the deposit and withdrawal method you are using, if they have any fees on their end, which will have nothing to do with the casino.

Why does it take so long to receive my winnings?

The total waiting time in regards to receiving your withdrawal, will depend a lot on which method you have chosen to use. If a withdrawal was requested during the weekend, this could also affect the amount of waiting time you should expect. In addition, if you have not been verified yet, your withdrawal could be put on hold until the verification process has been completed.

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