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Who We Are

Many of you might be wondering who exactly is behind this website, so we thought we could tell you a little about ourselves. The very first thing we can tell you is that we are a group of dedicated and passionate individuals who take gambling and online gaming very seriously. By this we mean that we are continually doing our very best in keeping up with the latest news, newest launches, and most recent additions in the online gambling world.

We decided to start this page simply because we found ourselves being a team of equally minded experts on the topic, and wanted to share our knowledge with all of you. The entire team has spent hours and hours playing in different casinos and trying out different games over the years. Everyone behind this page lives and breathes casinos and has the common goal of making sure our readers will have the very best gambling experience possible.

Our Vision

When we first started, we discovered that we all had one thing in common, the love for online casinos. After deciding to get together and create a website where we will be able to share our passion with other like-minded individuals, we set out some goals of our own. Our main goal is to make sure you, as our reader, will be able to find everything you need in one place.

In order to be able to do this, we have created this page where we give you our honest opinions on both online casinos as well as the different casino games they have to offer. When you are able to read our in-depth reviews on casinos, you will easily be able to find the casino perfectly suited to your needs.

Ever since legislation was put in place for online casinos in Canada, we saw that there will be a real need for detailed and honest reviews. The information we provide will allow you to both have fun and enjoy playing, all while making sure you are playing safely and responsibly.

Casinos For Everyone

We believe that online casinos are for everyone, as there are options available no matter what kind of casino player you happen to be. No matter which games you prefer to play, if you have a favourite game provider, if you like playing for just loose change or like to go big or go home, we will have a casino suggestion for you.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different online casinos to choose from, which for many can end up being slightly overwhelming. Because, how on earth are you supposed to know which one to pick? This is where we come in, making sure we tell you every single little detail about each casino we review. By telling you all there is to know about their customer service, game selection, providers, offers, design, loyalty programs, and just about everything else, you will be able to make an informed decision on which casino suits you best.

On our page you will be able to find casinos that focus on high rollers, with specific offers and games that suit high rollers better by offering high maximum bets and an overall VIP feeling to the whole casino. Of course, on the complete other side of the scale, you can find online casinos that are perfect for those who just want to spend their pocket money having fun on some casual casino games.

This is exactly what we aim to do, and we truly take pride in being able to find casinos for everyone out there. Online casinos are after all created to provide great entertainment at the click of a button, and we believe this is an entertainment form that should be available to everyone.

Guides to Help You Choose

In addition to thoroughly reviewing online casinos, we also create guides and articles that we share with you on our site. You will be able to find everything you need to know and want to know about the world of online gambling, make us the one stop you need to make before starting your very own gambling experience.

No matter what topic you would like to learn a little more about, or discover for the first time, you will find extensive guides on our pages. We have an entire section dedicated to games, where we tell you all about the biggest and most popular casino games out there. Through the guides you will find out which casinos offer the different types of games, what the rules are, if there are different varieties to choose from, and of course how they work.

We also offer an extensive Knowledge Hub where we are continually sharing tips and tricks, strategies, and guides regarding the online gambling community. There you will find articles on a number of different topics, such as explaining volatility, guides on how to play Blackjack, and even articles on the best ways to win on slot machines.

So if there is something you are looking for some more information on, no matter if it is more practical like licenses and payment methods, or guides on various games, have a look at our extensive selection of articles and guides.

Our Principles

When we first set out to create this page, we had a number of different goals and ideas that we wanted to be our focus right from the start. We have listed our main principles below, where we will explain a little more about why they are so important to us and how we use these principles to guide ourselves in giving you the best page on casinos in Canada available.

The Goal is to Enjoy

Every single time you click onto an online casino, it should be with just one simple goal in mind – to have fun! In our opinion, online gambling should always just be about having fun and getting some great entertainment whenever and wherever you want. Of course, it never hurts to win a little money while playing, but this should never be the goal when choosing to play, no matter which games you prefer.

When we say that gambling should be fun, this of course can mean different things to different people. For some it is the thrill of perhaps winning some cash that makes the whole experience fun, for others it's the chance to feel like you're in a real life casino when playing live casino games, and others simply love exploring all the different designs and bonus rounds in slots.

Luckily, no matter what exactly makes online gambling fun for you, you will be able to find the casino as well as the casino game that suits your type of casino fun. Just have a look at our guides and reviews and you'll be on your way in no time!

Safety is Our Priority

While it is important to have fun when playing at any online casino, safety should always be your priority, as it is ours. Of course, if you happen to be a newcomer within the world of online gambling, it might not be the easiest task to identify which online casinos are safe to play and, and which ones aren't. Luckily you have our review to rely on as we know exactly what to be looking for in order to make sure we only recommend safe and secure casinos.

We will always make sure that any online casino we recommend on our website is 100% safe and offers players the chance to play without any worries in the back of their minds. When we do find casinos that are blacklisted and that should be avoided, we will always share these too, so you also know exactly which online casinos you should be avoiding too.

So, when an online casino simply doesn't meet our very high standards, we will always let you know, and you will see that we add them to a list of casinos you should avoid. We check the certification and software developers that the casino has, as well as make sure the casino uses encryption to make sure your private information remains safe.

Responsible Gaming

In order to truly enjoy your online gambling experience, it's important to always play responsibly. But what do we really mean by this? In our team, we take responsible gambling extremely seriously, and will always continue to encourage you as our reader to do the same.

For most, online gambling will be able to remain a fun pastime, where it's all about good times and quality entertainment, while for some it can end up turning into something completely different. In order to make sure you are always practising responsible gaming, you must always focus on keeping it lighthearted, fun and as a form of entertainment and nothing more.

You can do this by setting limits for yourself on the casino account you create, such as time limits, loss limits, and betting limits. One of the biggest tips is to never bet for more than you can afford to lose, and also never to chase any of your losses. Should you however feel that you or someone you know could need some help, we provide information on where to find this and what tools are available to you.

We Value Honesty

One thing that we truly value when it comes to our website and our reviews, is to always keep things honest. A review on an online casino or a casino game will simply not be worth anything if it is not 100% honest. So you can remain sure that when reading our reviews, as well as any of our articles or guides, anything you see will be honest.

If an online casino is great, we will definitely make sure you know about it, but just the same, if a casino happens to be not all that, we won't hold back in any way. We believe that it is extremely important to keep information we share honest and true, in order to be able to provide you with the best and most current information out there.

Players Come First

There is just one reason that we have created this page, and that reason is you! Every single thing we decide to write about and share on is something that we have done for you. We are here to share our knowledge and passion with readers, in order for you to have a safe, fun, and entertaining online gambling experience, which is why we always put you first.

In our reviews, as well as in our guides and articles we will always do our best to share information in a simple and understandable way so that even those of you who are completely new to the world of online gambling can enjoy it. If you should ever have any questions, suggestions on what information we should deliver, or anything else you want to talk to us about, you are of course always welcome to get in touch!

Our Crew

The team behind are always hard at work (when they're not enjoying themselves playing their favourite casino games that is). We work together, always keeping each other updated on the latest casino news, to make sure we are able to deliver it to you in no time. Our secret to being able to give you the best and most accurate information out there, is of course our collective experience.

Together, our crew has years and years of experience within the online casino industry, a combined total that not many are able to rival. We all come from the industry in different ways, where some of us have worked directly with specific online casinos, others have worked with game developers, and what we have in common is that we have been players ourselves for years.

All of this definitely gives us a great advantage, as we have been around ever since the very first online casinos were launched, back when we still had to use that annoyingly loud dial-up modem in order to play our favourites.

Meet Some of Our Crew Members

We thought you might like to get to know some of our crew members a little better, to really see who is behind all this. The three crew members we will be introducing you to below, happened to meet over the summer holidays when they realized they had a love for online casinos in common. After talking and sharing their own experiences with each other over a ridiculous amount of coffee, they decided to get together and create this page.

David Wilson

David Wilson – David is nothing short of a legend, as he has more than 10 years of experience from the online casino industry alone. He started off as a casino player looking for a new type of entertainment to enjoy in his free time, where he started exploring different online casinos and of course all the different games on offer.

He had never shown any interest in casino games before, other than loving the Ocean's Eleven movies where the plot involves robbing three Las Vegas casinos. Suddenly he found himself loving all things casino and after a couple of years of being a casual player, he decided to step up his game and become a full-time professional poker player. This has given him a unique insight into the world of casino games which has come in very handy when creating this page.

Robert Lee

Robert Lee – Robert is a young guy in his twenties who quickly worked his way into the growing world of online casinos starting at an age of 19! He had grown up with a father who had a passion for all things slot machines since he could remember and had loved watching all the bright colours and fun sound effects every time his father got a win. It turns out this passion followed him through his teen years and once he had turned 19 he started working for one of the biggest game developers in the industry as a designer.

Being able to use the inspiration he had from when he was young, as well as the memories of all the colours, bright lights, and sound effects he has been part of creating several of the most popular casino games out there. After getting together with David and Linda, he knew he had to be a part of this new project where they all could share their passion with other casino players.

Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor – The power woman of the trio, Linda, has come a long way over the years and little did she know that she would end up in the crazy, entertaining, and fun world of online casinos. The only connection she had ever had to casino games previously, was going to the weekly bingo nights with her grandmother as a little girl. Growing up, she went on to become a journalist where she worked for several publications, including newspapers, magazines, and various websites creating articles.

After meeting Robert and David, they got talking and happened to touch on the subject of online casinos, which Linda knew very little about at the time. Fast-forward a couple of years and she is a living and walking encyclopedia on everything that has to do with online casinos, casino games and anything else you want to know. With her background as a journalist she has the investigative skills needed to seek out everything good and bad about any online casino there is out there and of course the writing abilities to tell you all about it.

Reach Out to Us

We love hearing from our readers and encourage you to contact us if you should ever want or need to. It is up to you if you prefer getting in touch by email or if you would rather use the comment fields and leave a comment, suggestion or question under our reviews or articles. The choice is yours!

The more we know about our readers, what you are interested in and what your experiences are when it comes to online casinos, the better we will get at sharing the things you are looking for. We always aim to find the best casinos in Canada and share them with you. And of course, if you have any bad news you want to share with us, such as bad experiences with casinos or blacklisted casinos, this will also be helpful to us as well as other readers in order for them to avoid these bad apples too.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us by email at: [email protected]